This internetsite is a tribute to the Finnish free radio. We are collecting to this pages everything which is somehow related to the Finnish free radio. This site is maintained by Free Radio Campaign – Finland in co-operation with Tapani Häkkinen (THä). Free Radio Campaign – Finland can be reached by writing to FRCF, P.O.Box 35, FIN-40321 JYVäSKYLä, Finland.

The material in this site is mostly in finnish language. We are trying to increase the amount of english language material. Few words about the menu and the content of this site:

  • Historia = history
    This part is the history of Right-Wing Radio (RWR). RWR is probably the most wellknown Finnish free radio. The history is in finnish language.
  • Artikkelit = articles
    This part includes lots of articles about Finnish free radiostations. The articles are in finnish language.
  • Lokit = loggings
    This part includes logs of free radiostations heard in Finland during the recent years. This material is also useful for readers who can't finnish language.
  • Linkit = links
    This part includes some selected internetlinks that might be useful for the free radio enthusiasts.
  • Kuvagalleria = picturegallery
    This part includes beautiful free radio related pictures. These can be enjoyed also by surfers who can't finnish language.
  • Operaattorit = operators
    This part includes information for wanna-be-free radio operators. This texts are in finnish language.
  • Listat = lists
    This part includes free radio related listings. Most of these can be understood also by free radio friends who can't finnish.
  • Uutisia = News
    Sometimes we publish news on this page. News can be only in finnish, but sometimes also in english.